Bruce Street Technologies 

Bruce Street Technologies Limited has listened and responded to the concerns of our local communities.  We grew up in these rural areas and still have family and friends living in these underserved areas.  After considerable investment and testing, we are proud to offer affordable, reliable, wireless highspeed Internet access.  At this time, our service area extends to the areas immediately south of the communities of Meaford, Thornbury/Town of the Blue Mountains but we do examine opportunities to increase coverage. We strive to bridge the rural and urban connectivity gap by continually upgrading our systems in a desire to match products with the urban providers. And we do so without grants or government subsidies of any kind. 

The Internet and the content you access on the Internet is constantly changing. As a result, we are always re-investing and upgrading our network infrastructure in order to keep pace. The capacity and needs of our network have changed dramatically since we first started. As with all technology, the wireless radios, both access point and client, become obsolete quickly and need to upgraded to handle current needs and demands. This also gives us the opportunity to optimize our network and ensure resources are being allocated in the most efficient manner.

The Bruce Street Technologies Difference

We advertise our up to sustained data rates, not inflated "bursted rates".
We access fibre optic networks directly and already available in the communities we serve.  This ensures a fast, high capacity and low latency connection to our network.
We never backhaul or transmit data over DSL feeds or retail connections. This helps ensure lower latency rates and access to faster subscriber feeds
We provide a routable public IP address with all of our packages so you can host games or servers and view security cameras from anywhere.  

Rural Internet Access