Bruce Street Technologies Limited

Rural High Speed Internet 

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One of the greatest barriers to participation in the global economy is access to affordable and reliable high speed Internet access.  Rural communities and rural residents know this first hand.

Bruce Street Technologies Limited has listened and responded to the concerns of these communities.  We grew up in these rural areas and still have family and friends living in these underserved areas.   After considerable investment and testing, we are proud to offer affordable, reliable, wireless highspeed Internet access.  At this time, our service area extends to the areas immediately south of the communities of Meaford and Thornbury but we do examine opportunities to increase coverage. We strive to bridge the rural and urban connectivity gap by continually upgrading our systems in a desire to match products with the urban providers. And we do so without grants or government subsidies of any kind. 

If you’d like more information or wish to sign up for Internet Access, please get in touch via the information provided in the Contact section.

PC Support

Does your PC have the blues?  Viruses or malware infecting your system?  Need your wireless network installed and configured?  We can help.   We can provide shop or onsite services to assist with most issues including program installation, training and basic data recovery services.

Network Support

Maybe you have an existing corporate network. Maybe you’d like to investigate whether you need one.  Maybe you have a need to connect business sites together to share applications and services.  Maybe you just like to know that when you have an outage or a problem, there is a company you can contact to help you.

Just contact us.  We’ll provide consulting services to help determine the best solution and work on a plan to work with you from there.

Printer Supplies, Computer Parts and Software

We carry a limited stock of computer parts, multipurpose paper and common printer inks/toners.  However, we do have accounts with international distributors so in most cases, your order is available next day for almost any PC, notebook, netbook, part or toner.  In some cases, we can even arrange to have it delivered directly to your door.  And since we don’t have to carry the inventory, we can offer very competitive pricing.

Give us a call and see how we can save you money on your next part or supply order.